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Oaks Online

All of our online classes mimic the style and format of our in-person classes with one distinction...they're completely online. That means that you can join the Oaks family from anywhere with a stable internet connection. Each course is taught by one of Oaks' qualified and quality instructors, and runs along the same 36 week schedule as the brick-and-mortar school. That means every six weeks students (and families) get a week break. 

Class meetings are conducted via Zoom and additional coursework is facilitated on Canvas. 

Cost per course: $700/year/student

- Families with multiple students enrolling in the same class will receive a discount. 


(Literature) C.S Lewis Primer

Instructor: Christian Herring

Meeting time: T/Th 11:00-12:00AM

In this year-long course students will explore the life and writings of one of the most beloved authors of the twentieth century. Reading will include his autobiography, Surprised by Joy, along with some of this most popular fiction and non-fiction writings. Outcomes of this course include:

- A deeper understanding of who C.S Lewis was and how that effected his writing.

- The background behind his most popular works.

- An appreciation for good, true, and beautiful literature. 

Math Formulas

(Mathematics) Algebra

Instructor: Andrea Herring



(History) Renaissance and Reformation

Instructor: Christian Herring

Meeting time: T/Th 2:00-3:00 PM

Following the tumultuous Medieval period, the Renaissance and Reformation was equally lively. Over the course of this year-long course students will explore the events, and people of this time period. 

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