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Upper School: Sixth - Twelfth Grades
Rooting and establishing young scholars for a lifetime of learning and virtue.

To meet the needs of the homeschooling community, our Upper School classes are offered as a full program or a la carte. 

 Classes meet Tuesday & Thursday. Beginning in August of 2024 our park day will be Friday.

Our Upper School students are treated to the highest quality instruction and instructors to teach them, and help nurture wisdom and virtue in them. As students move into Upper School the class structure and expectations are designed to equip them to a) be wise and virtuous Christians in society, and b) be well prepared for high education, of any kind, should they choose that path. 

In our Upper School program students will continue their studies in mathematics, science, foreign language, and the humanities. As they grow they are guided in how to think critically about the subjects they are taking and how to communicate truthfully and winsomely, through subjects such as logic and rhetoric. 


At this stage in the program the role of the parent on the home days begins to shift from primary instructor to supervisor. Each week will contain various reading and written assignments that are designed to supplement the hours spent in class. There are also online components to many of our Upper School courses to help students gain confidence and familiarity with online learning environments. 

2024-25 Course Offerings

Literature and Writing (Modern Era)

Citizenship (.5 credit)

Math (Mr. D)

Science (NC Environthon for Grades 6-8)

History (Reformation to Present)

Old Testament 1 (.5 credit)

We are also in conversation with a Latin tutor to offer Latin on Tuesdays. 


Option 1:     A la carte - $500/class/year/student

Option 2:     Full Day - $2400/year/student

Registration Fee:  $250/ family/ year

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